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My name is Allene Yue

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About Me

I'm a 16-year-old social entrepreneur and high-school junior from the Bay Area, California.

I have a background in entrepreneurship, marketing, and the arts, including piano and graphic design

My main goal is to contribute as much of my time as possible to give back to my community and make a meaningful impact through my interests and skills, specifically focusing on educational and mental health sectors.

My Interests

Personal Ventures

As the founder Self-care Support, I currently run SCS as the executive director, while also co-running Empowering Youth in Business as co-founder and co-CEO.

I also host my own podcast, Her Journey, which is integrated into SCS, where I interview incredible women across the world who make an impact in various industries.


On the side, I run a small tutoring business and am a founding member and the treasurer of my school's Women in Leadership club.

Business Experience

As of now, I am the VP of Marketing for Sloth Co., a student startup, and also the director of marketing for Notelove Inc.


I currently intern as a marketing manager for New Heights Educational Group, and I have worked at Kivato as an SEO/Content Writer Intern.

Throughout my time as a high-school student, I have attended business programs including Wharton's Future of the Business World and FTE Economics for Leaders.


I have also participated in numerous entrepreneurship/business competitions and have landed international, national, and state awards in various competitions. 

Giving Back

As mentioned before, community service is an enormous part of my life. At Notelove Inc. I am not only their marketing director, but also a piano instructor for 2 students, where I provide free lessons weekly. At New Heights Educational Group, I am both an intern and a teacher who has created 4 free music courses for students.

I am also the Chief Volunteer Liaison of Interns4Good, overseeing over 15,000+ of our volunteers, while also creating business curricula and providing free tutoring lessons to a student each week.


Self-care Support and Empowering Youth in Business are also two ways I am able to give back to my community.

I also use public speaking as a way to give back by inspiring other youth to make a change of their own!


I am currently a high-school junior at Valley Christian High School. View my relevant coursework below!

AP Courses - 7 Total

Honors Courses - 8 Total

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